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About us

Global Pack A/S cooperates closely with manufacturers of knock down (KD) furniture and kitchen cabinets, supplying fittings in either bulk, bags, boxes, or as complete logistic solutions. 

A large part of our customers are IKEA® suppliers and this is an area of specialty for us. We have been supplying fittings to IKEA® furniture manufacturers since 2001 and are familiar with the requirements for testing, documentation and the way of working within the IKEA® network.
We deliver a variety of fittings to IKEA® suppliers: fitting bags and boxes, bulk components (e.g. aluminum and steel furniture parts), assembly instructions etc.

A keyword for Global Pack is flexibility! A flat organizational structure means a high level of customer service and the ability to react fast when required. This also equals a very open attitude towards customized solutions. 
Our services range from deliveries of products in bulk, in fitting bags and in boxes to complete logistic solutions. 
The complete logistic solutions - our ALL INCLUSIVE concept - means that we deliver a greater part of the components included in the complete piece of KD furniture and hereby allowing our customers to keep focus on their core business. 

Our wide network of suppliers and partners enable us to source fittings and components at competitive prices. With a locally placed division in Foshan, China, we are close to our Asian suppliers and able to perform a high level of Quality Control.
Based in Denmark we are also close to our European suppliers. 

We produce according to customer specification with high quality standards. Our Quality Control procedures are clearly defined throughout the entire supply chain. 
The benefit of our automated production with large volume production runs is an effective structure and a uniform result.
The fitting bags and boxes are produced in our own production facilities in Romania and Lithuania. This setup is a flexible solution making it possible to cover a wide range of requirements from our customers.


IKEA® is a trademark of Inter IKEA Systems B.V., registered in several jurisdictions worldwide, including Denmark and the EU. The use of the IKEA® trademark made on this website is made for reference purposes only. There are no direct contractual relationships between Global Pack A/S and Inter IKEA Systems B.V.